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Babies Who Lost Everything Discover What Friendship Feels Like

They're the picture of hope.

Best friends Kwama and Kawaida were rescued within hours of each other.

Kwama was just 2 months old when he became trapped in a mud pit and lost his herd.

He struggled for 12 hours, until the kind rescuers from DSWT came to help him.

Kwama had been at the orphanage for only a few hours when another baby elephant came along.

A tiny elephant had become trapped in a water pipeline's leakage, and the rescuers rushed to help.

They brought her back to the orphanage and named her Kawaida, a Swahili word that means "the same," since her fate "mirrored that of Kwama, rescued just the day before her," the DSWT wrote on Facebook.

These tiny, vulnerable calves had no one in the world. Now they have each other, and the kind people at DSWT who are rooting for them. With elephant populations plummeting, every baby elephant's survival is crucial to the future of the species.

"Having never met before, these miniatures have quickly formed a loving friendship," the DSWT wrote.

The DSWT cares for many other orphans like this pair of best friends, aiming to bring them up into independent, healthy animals who can survive in herds in wildlife reserves. Located in Kenya, is one of the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programs in the world.

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