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Man Scales Building To Reunite Baby Chipmunk With Mom

Helping an animal in distress isn't always easy - but it is always worth it.

And in this case, it brought a family back together and mended a broken heart.

Animal Aid Unlimited

Volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India recently came to the rescue of a baby chipmunk who had fallen from his mother's nest perched on the ledge of a building. A family living below had discovered the fragile creature, whose eyes had not yet opened, and kept him safe until help arrived. And it's a good thing that they did.

Tiny as he was, the young chipmunk's absence was clearly felt by the one who loves him most.

"We could hear his mother's anguished cries nonstop in the background," the rescuers wrote in a video posted online, though reuniting them wouldn't be so easy. "Luckily, we had plenty of rope ..."

The time and effort it took to resolve this little chipmunk's predicament, and to put his mother at peace, might seem poorly spent for those less sensitive to the plight of everyday sorts of animals - but as Animal Aid Unlimited writes:

"All life is precious, no matter how small."

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