Baby Chimp Found Crying And Reaching Out For Help

"She is safe."

After a baby chimp was filmed crying and reaching out to the camera, people rushed to find the baby and bring her to safety.

Baby chimp reaching out for help
Facebook/Lwiro Primates

It's believed that before the baby chimp, now known as Mado, was found wandering around an African village, her mother was poached and she was captured to be sold as a pet.

The video shows the trauma of such a turn of events in the young chimp's life.

"This is heartbreaking," one commenter wrote, after the video was posted to Facebook. "It looks like she is literally reaching out for help."

Baby chimp confiscated from pet trade
Facebook/Lwiro Primates

People from Lwiro Primates, a sanctuary and rehabilitation center that works to provide care for orphaned primates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rushed to bring Mado to safety. Thanks to emergency donations from people all over the world, they were able to rescue her.

Sadly, for every wild primate rescued from the pet trade, there are many who aren't. They are funneled into the exotic animal trade, one of the largest illegal industries in the world.

"Many of these animals die in transit," Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, told The Dodo recently during a conversation about the rampant exotic pet trade, which rips countless wild families apart each year. "They are packed and shipped in ways that don't meet their biological and physical needs."

So it's truly amazing that Mado was saved.

"She is safe. Thanks so much to everybody who helped us rescue her," her rescuers said in a video, as they held Mado close. "We promise we will take care of her."

To help animals like Mado, you can make a donation to Lwiro Primates.