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Watch Baby Bullwinkle Take His First Wobbly Steps Just Minutes After Being Born

This momma moose recently gave birth to twins in the backyard of an Alaskan home. She's reportedly has returned to the same spot to give birth for the past six years -- only this time, it was caught on camera.

Mommy gives birth to baby number one.

And out pops baby number two!

It's time for baby's first bath!

Now all clean, the first calf begins to teeter onto his hooves and knees.

Success! He stands up for the first time! But, not for long...

...down he goes! But persistence is key.

As the firstborn calf keeps practicing his balance, the second born stands up for the first time.

Then after some wobbly first steps, a pause -- and his first somersault!

Female moose, or cows, give birth to one or two babies in the springtime after an eight-month gestational period. The nutrient-rich milk provided by the mother help the calves grow quickly and they are often weaned off the milk within six months. Nevertheless, the adorable young moose stay by their mother's side until the following spring when she will give birth to new offspring.

Watch the full video of the amazing birth and first steps of the newborn calves: