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Australia’s Cruel Kangaroo Cull Postponed -- For Now

<p>Flickr: Ralph Daily</p>

Animal advocates have managed to stave off a cull that would kill 1,600 kangaroos around the Australian capital of Canberra -- at least until next week. The cull, which is carried out by shooting the animals, has been called cruel by activists, who want officials to use fertility control instead of killing the kangaroos.

Now the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government announced that the cull -- scheduled to start Wednesday -- will be suspended until a legal challenge can be heard next week.

The group Animal Liberation ACT intends to challenge a license issued to conduct the cull, saying that it violates the region's Nature Conservation Act and its kangaroo management plan. Their challenge will be heard in court next Tuesday.

While the government says that the cull is carried out to control a booming kangaroo population, opponents argue that using birth control methods can bring down the cost of kangaroo control by nearly $100 per head -- not to mention that it wouldn't involve killing the animals.

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