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Greyhound Trainers Who Used Live Animals As Bait Get Jail Time

Three men who trained greyhounds by having them maul live animals have been sentenced to a total of 48 months in prison for animal cruelty, Australia's ABC News reports.

Warning: Graphic footage below

Earlier this year, Australian state officials opened inquiries into the dog racing industry after a hidden camera investigation showed a number of trainers attaching live piglets, possums and rabbits to motorized rails to be chased and killed by greyhounds.

John Cauchi and his brother Tony were sentenced to 18 months in jail this week while a third man, Ian Morgan, was sentenced to 12 months. All three men are barred from having contact with animals for 20 years. Tony, however, will serve a suspended sentence due to intellectual impairment.

"Only time will tell whether or not [the practice of live baiting] has been eradicated," RSPCA lawyer Glen Porter argued in court last month, saying it was "difficult to make any prediction ... simply because this practice has been carried out in secret."

To learn more about preventing animal cruelty, visit the RSPCA's website here.