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Australia Defeats Anti-Whistleblower Ag-Gag Bill — But Is It Enough?

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While undercover exposés at factory farms and slaughterhouses in the U.S. are being outlawed in many states, legislators in South Australia are taking steps to ensure these type of investigations will remain legal.

Legislators in the state voted against the Surveillance Devices Bill this week, which would have made it a crime to to release information taken using surveillance devices. Violators would have been slapped with fines up to $15,000 and three years in jail. The bill was targeted in large part at journalists and activists seeking to expose animal abuse at factory farms.

Legislators sided with the Green Party and voted the bill down, providing a welcome sign for animal rights advocates and journalists. But the battle against these controversial "ag-gag" laws that criminalize whistleblowers at factory farms is far from over in Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that several policymakers have called for ag-gag laws that would target animal activists on a state and federal level.

Recent high-profile animal welfare investigations in the country only highlight the need for further transparency. One recent exposé in Australia revealed abandoned hens at an egg producing facility left in manure piles to die, while another showed routine abuse of week-old dairy calves.

With ag-gag laws in place, these types of investigations would go unreported, and the abuse is likely to continue. See this post for more information on ag-gag laws and how to stop them.

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