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Dog Who Cried As Her Family Left Gets A Reason To Smile

Shuffling between three foster homes in the previous nine months took a toll on Astra's spirit.

"I took this photo right after Astra realized she would no longer see her beloved foster," reads the caption of a photo posted to Facebook.

But, according to an update from Red Hook Dog Rescuein Brooklyn, New York, although saying goodbye was hard for Astra, it was also "the best thing to ever happen to her."

Now, Astra's smiling again, and it's pretty clear why: A caring family has adopted her and she's been surrounded by love ever since.

"We got her a bigger bed but she still sleeps in this one next to mine!!" wrote Astra's new family in a Facebook post.

After a few weeks, Astra's starting to make herself feel quite at home, cozying up on the sofa and winning over the hearts of everyone she meets, according to the post.

It's been a difficult journey for this young pit bull, but it seems to have all worked out.

Facebook/Red Hook Dog Rescue

Congratulations, Astra, on finding a place to rest your head and call your forever home. You deserve it.

Do you have what it takes to adopt or foster a dog? Check out Red Hook Dog Rescue's Facebook page to learn more.