Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Doing Something Simple To Fight Climate Change

"People always ask, 'what can we do about pollution?'"

The U.S. might feel more divided than it has in a very long time, but some people are trying to bridge our differences and work toward a brighter future for our country - and our planet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California and of "Terminator" fame, doesn't want to see our planet, well, be terminated.

Facebook/Years of Living Dangerously

Schwarzenegger has been teaming up with WildAid, along with director James Cameron and Chinese movie star Li Bingbing, to encourage people to eat less meat for the sake of the climate.

"People always ask, 'what can we do about pollution?'" Schwarzenegger writes on Facebook. "One quick fix - eat less meat. I've cut back, so I know you can."

The meat and dairy industries emit more greenhouse gases than all the world's transportation combined. Greenhouse gases at the earth's atmosphere trap heat and make the planet warmer, causing sea ice to melt and ocean levels to rise. Fifteen of the 16 warmest years ever recorded have occurred since 2001.

No wonder the Terminator is speaking out. Schwarzenegger has also produced and starred in a new show on the National Geographic Channel, "Years of Living Dangerously," to help raise awareness about the perils facing our planet.

Facebook/Years of Living Dangerously

"If you really want to make a difference, everyone has to work together," Schwarzenegger said. "Democrats, Republicans, every country, the military, everybody."

And people appear to be open to what he has to say.

"I quit meat two months ago and haven't felt this good for years," one commenter wrote on Facebook. "Loved a steak, myself, before but don't miss it now as my body craves other nutrients, and by not eating meat I have made more effort to vary my diet - only positives."

Another appreciated the tactful way Schwarzenegger has been dispensing his message, not via shaming but through explanation and encouragement. "Thank you for saying to eat less [meat], not telling people ... that they're horrible for eating it," another commenter wrote. "Thank you."

To learn how you can join Arnold and get involved with WildAid's efforts, click here. To start cutting down on eating meat, click here.