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Survivor Of Massacre That Killed 57 Dogs Refuses To Give Up On People

It was a scene of almost unimaginable horror: On Thursday, two mill workers found dozens of dogs shot or poisoned to death in a remote forest in Arkansas.

Among the dead, however, rescuers found several survivors, including one little dog who still hasn't lost his faith in humanity.

"He saw us, and that I had a bag of treats, and he took a treat and he was in the truck," John Magruder of the Searcy County Humane Society told KYTV. "He said, 'I've had enough of this.'"

In the end, officials counted 57 dogs who were either dead or had to be put down due to their injuries. At least five more escaped the massacre alive. So far, authorities have no suspects.

"This is my first in 25 years of law enforcement I've never seen anything like this," Sheriff Joey Pruitt told KYTV. "Systematically just start shooting and just leaving them lying and not even making sure that they're dead. I just can't imagine somebody doing that."

Priutt said he thinks the perpetrator, who could face felony charges, took the dogs to the forest, fed them poison and then opened fire. The Associated Press reports the dogs showed no other signs of abuse or neglect, but they are not believed to be stolen pets.

Other than the dog who jumped in the truck immediately, Magruder says the survivors were understandably skittish when shelter workers arrived.

"Who could hurt him?" said Magruder, scratching the trusting canine who should soon be up for adoption. "Why would you hurt him?"

Click here to visit the Searcy County Humane Society's website or call the Searcy County Sheriff's Department at (870) 448-2340 if you have any information you believe could be helpful to the investigation.