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Arctic Fox Tricks Hunters Into Setting Him Free

Incredible footage has emerged showing the moment an arctic fox, caught in a cruel snare, uses a remarkable bit of cunning to outwit a group of fur trappers trying to kill him.

Thinking that the fox is dead, one trapper is seen loosening the wire around the animal's lifeless-looking body before tossing him into a cardboard box - but it was apparently all a clever ruse. Moments later, the little white fox suddenly springs back to life, darting away to freedom where he's met by other foxes who appear to have been watching the scene unfold from the distance.

It's unclear where the clip was shot, but according to the video's title (in Russian) the trappers are Yakuts, native to Siberia. Although they lost their ill-gotten "prize," even they can be heard laughing to see the arctic fox make his getaway.

Sadly, most arctic foxes in such a dire situation never escape. Despite the horrors of fur trapping, this practice remains the largest threat to the species, and not only in Russia. It is still legal for licensed trappers in Norway, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska to catch foxes in that manner, leaving them unprotected in the majority of their native range.