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Animal Habits That Are Surprisingly Human

They give their homes Extreme Makeover-style renovations! They discipline their kids! They fake it! (You know what we mean.) That's right, humans and animals have a lot more in common than you'd think.

6. Birds build bachelor pads.

Photo: Flickr

Bowerbirds are known to construct great bowers, which resemble the arches brides walk through during a wedding. Subliminal messaging, perhaps? They decorate them with splashes of color and designs, often using man-made objects they find lying around, to vie for the ladies' attention.

5. Lionesses care about their man's hairdo.

Photo: Flickr

Lionesses judge a potential mate's hairdo. That's right: they tend to go for the male with the largest and most well-kept mane around, and avoid the fellas with the shorter hair, who probably wish there was a Hair Club for Cubs.

4. Female fish have been known to fake it.

Photo: Flickr

Female trout are known for "shaking" during sex upon release of sperm and eggs -- and they often "shake" even when unsatisfied, thus leaving the male to believe he's performed his duties and saunter off. The female is then free to go find a "better fit," which tends to be a bigger fish. Sorry, fellas, apparently size does matter -- even in the fish world.

3. Kangaroo rats laugh when they're tickled.

Photo: Flickr

Humans and primates aren't the only animals capable of laughing. Rats -- kangaroo rats, in particular --love to be tickled. They emit a high-pitched chirping noise to voice their pleasure.

2. Monkey moms show disapproval to their kids.

Photo: Flickr

If monkeys could text, they'd type "SMH" a lot. When a baby bonobo misbehaves, its mother will occasionally shake its head back and forth as a way to tell it "No!"

1. Llamas wait on line to use the bathroom.

Photo: Flickr

Llamas designate a bathroom of sorts -- a communal dung pile -- to do their business, which can lead to problems when everyone has to go at once. So, they patiently wait in line, without even a game of Angry Birds to help them pass the time. At least they have the luxury of not having to unbutton their pants when they finally get there.