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Rescuers Won't Leave Horse Who Fell Into A Ditch

<p>Ventura County Fire Department<span></span></p>

An Arabian horse named Ashley got herself into a bit of trouble this week when she decided to stray too far from her home.

While out and about in the California equestrian community where she lived, Ashley decided to take a break and lie down in a small drainage ditch, CBS Los Angeles reported.

But in the process of settling down for a nap, Ashley presumably toppled over and her legs went above her head, leaving her trapped in the ditch and unable to get up.

That's when firefighters from the Ventura County Fire Department were called onto the scene.

The entirety of the rescue was documented on Twitter, showcasing how the firefighters stayed with Ashley and managed to keep her calm by stroking her head until veterinarians arrived to assist with the rescue.

It's unclear if Ashley actually managed to escape from her stable or if she was left to roam free on her own, Capt. Mike Lindbery, a public information officer with the Ventura Fire Department, told The Dodo.

Ashely was eventually tranquilized so she could be physically moved out of the ditch.

Once she woke up, Ashley was medically cleared, with only a few scrapes on her body from the entire ordeal.

Watch Ashley take her first few steps after the stressful situation: