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Anxious Bird Who Plucked Out Her Feathers Just Needed The Right Family

This woman adopted her 20 years ago, and now she gets to introduce her to her kids.

Calypso the cockatoo grew up in a home where she was chased and tormented until she was practically on the verge of a heart attack. She soon started plucking out her feathers due to her anxiety and is now mostly naked - but her new family loves her just the way she is.

A kind woman rescued Calypso from her first, terrifying home, but the woman's dog wasn't a huge fan of Calypso, so the woman knew she had to rehome her. That's when Calypso met a young Kathleen Freeman and her family.

Freeman and her mom went to meet the little bird who needed another new home. From the moment they met her, they could see her potential, despite her missing feathers.

"I had approached her cage while my mom was talking, when [Calypso] suddenly let out a 'HELLO,' put her crest up, excited, and came right out of her cage to check us all out," Freeman told The Dodo.

Freeman and her mom decided to adopt Calypso right away, and that night she became the newest member of their family.

Calypso had a lot of behavioral issues when she first arrived in her new home. She had been through so much, and was very anxious and skittish due to her abusive past.

"She was not real sure about who to trust, but still very sweet," Freeman said. "She was scared to step up onto hands and would only get onto a shoulder. She would squawk and run if any hands were put by her."

Slowly though, Calypso realized that she was finally safe in her new home, and began to heal. Calypso has since been with Freeman's family for around twenty years. Today, Freeman is all grown up with children of her own, and Calypso loves every new family member she meets.

"When she met my kids, on their first days being brought home from the hospital after being born, to my daughter she said, 'Pretty baby,'" Freeman said.

"To my son she said, 'HI baby!' She wanted to be right there checking them out," she said.

Calypso loves hanging out with her new little brother and sister ...

... and especially loves being read to.

But she absolutely hates taking baths. Calypso is also a very picky eater - although she's always down for some pizza, her favorite food.

Though she does still pluck out her feathers, Calypso is fully enjoying her new life. "Calypso is probably the most outgoing and friendly little bird," Freeman said. "We laugh and forget she's a bird sometimes."

Calypso seems to forget she's a bird sometimes, too, because, really, she's just another member of the family.

Calypso has been through a lot in her life, but now that she has Freeman and her family, she has all the confidence and love she could ever need.

You can follow Calypso and all of her adventures on her Instagram account.