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Fleas Were ‘Sucking The Life Out Of Her.’ Until Now.

She was little more than a skeleton dumped in front of a shelter in the middle of the night, fleas feasting on her right down to the bone.

But when the door finally opened in the morning, so did all the possibilities of a real life for the dog who came to be known as Orphan Annie.

Peaceable Kingdom

Chronically underweight and ravaged by fleas, the dog was left in a crate at the Peaceable Kingdom animal shelter in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, last November.

She weighed around 6 pounds and had open sores all over her body.

"She had severe anemia from the fleas," Peaceable Kingdom's medical director Sarah Donnelly told The Dodo. "They were basically sucking the life out of her."

But Annie would never be orphaned again.

Since undergoing treatment at Peaceable Kingdom - and catching up on all the love she had missed in her life - Annie has rebounded relentlessly.

Peaceable Kingdom

"She is living a very happy life with a great foster family and doggie foster siblings," Suzy Sora of Peaceable Kingdom tells The Dodo.

Peaceable Kingdom

She's back to her normal weight and while she's awaiting the outcome of blood tests this week, appears to be back to her old self - or at least, the old self she should have been.

And she's even getting her first taste of fame.

Hope for Orphan Annie, a Facebook page dedicated to the dog, has drawn more than 18,000 followers.

Peaceable Kingdom

A woman seen in surveillance video leaving Annie at the shelter remains the subject of a police investigation. Until it's concluded, Annie is not available for adoption.

But there are lots of ways you can help dogs like Annie. You can make a donation to Peaceable Kingdom here. Or consider adopting one of countless animals who desperately need a home through Adopt-a-Pet.com.