Camouflaged Animals Who Are Almost Impossible To See

While humans can only dream of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak and scientists' continual claims to replicate it, some animals are blessed with the natural ability to go unseen.

Animals don't just use camouflage, or "cryptic coloration," to hide a bad hair day or flee from their exes. Predators use this skill to sneak up on their prey, and prey animals use the same tactic to stay safe from predators.

Chameleons may be the most famous applicators of camouflage, but none of the animals in the following photos even needs to shift his color in order to blend in with his surroundings.

How many of these animals would you have walked right by without noticing?

Let's start out with an easy one.

Well, owl be damned.

No more easy ones after this. Can you spot those tiny, little eyes?

This one will make you angry.

Nope, stop looking at the bark.

Here's a hint: wolf. Still, not that easy.

The top left of that center rock kinda looks like an alligator head, right? Keep looking for the real animal.

Here's another hint: he's looking at you.

Try reading the photo like a page in a book: Scanning the image from left to right, top to bottom.

There's some serious beauty hidden in those trees.

Clear the next few minutes. This one will take you a while.

Aaaaand then there's the living mop.

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