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20 Animals Who Will Always Be Having A Better Hair Day Than You

There are days when we wake up and our hair just isn't working ... but there are some animals who have never experienced that problem. Ever.

Here are just a few animals who are going to give you total hair envy. Prepare yourself.

This wavy-haired beauty.

The guy who is rocking that static look.

This elegant swoopy-haired fellow.

The dog who doesn't know how his chest hair got braided but can rock the look anyway.

This pig who HAS hair so, he's always winning.

This cat who has too much hair to EVER be having a bad hair day ...

... and same with this dog. So. Much. HAIR.

The baby who totally knows his 'do is on point.

This puppy and her fabulous sun-bleached ears.

The horse who casually made a woven blanket out of her hair because she can.

This classy lady.

This bandana-sporting pup.

The little guy who definitely woke up like this.

The cat who even has ear hair that always looks great.

These guys, who have a whole squad full of baller hair

The dog who's hair needs no explanation.

This little cutie in braids.

This bat who has hair so good he only needs a toothbrush to keep it looking fly.

The ferret who decided to dye his own hair because he'll look good no matter what.

And of course this baby, who has an animal AS his hair which means ... he wins forever.