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14 Animal/Human Face Swaps You Can't Unsee


Face-swaps are awesome and disturbing all at the same time... like Beyonce and Jay Z!

But there's a whole other breed of face swaps that will delight you while also haunting your dreams...Animal-human face swaps. Enjoy!

1. Boy with his cat...

Photo: goldenmoustache

2. I was born this way

3. Man's best friend

Photo: imgur

4. "Do you like my bag?"

Photo: laura-london

5. My Little Pony

Photo: izismile

6. Just a stingray looking for his family...

Photo: pelfind

7. Baby cat attack!

Photo: diply

8. SO cute! But please stop. Stop. Please.

Photo: goldenmoustache

9. Cat hero!

Photo: izismile

10. Under the sea-he-he-he

Photo: pelfind

11. Oh, pug...

Photo: diply

12. Shaq-o-seal!

13. Uh...

Photo: diply