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Animal Shelter Hosts Speed-Dating Event To Help Pets Find Homes

In honor of Valentine's Day, the Animal Welfare League of New South Wales (AWL) organized its first-ever Pet Speed-Dating event, giving animal-lovers from the Sydney area the chance to meet homeless dogs and cats in hopes of making a match. Participants had up to a minute to get to know each animal, all of whom had individualized "business cards" to help set up potential second dates.

Jessica Borg, a spokesperson for the AWL, said that the quick meet-and-greet style of the event is a great way for pet-seekers to figure out immediately if a dog or cat is right for them -- but the event could also serve a larger purpose. "It really is a lot like a first date, getting to know each other's personalities and seeing if you match," Borg told the Daily Telegraph. "The event aims to find loving homes for many of our dogs and cats and help our shelters in their work of reducing euthanasia rates across NSW."

Sydney city officials have thrown their support behind the event, which AWL hopes to host annually.