Men Carry Orangutan To Safety While Shielding Her Face From The Rain

One photo perfectly captures the dedication and kindness that makes someone an animal hero.

The stunning image was taken during International Animal Rescue's orangutan rescue efforts back in 2013.

The photo shows two of the men, Syifa Sidik and Argitoe Ranting, whohelped carry animals to safety after their forest homes were bulldozed for a palm oil plantation.

Today, two years after this photo was snapped, environmental devastation and rampant forest fires have ravaged the homes of so many orangutans, putting their lives in even more danger.

"Recently the team has had to contend with smog, smoke and fires," Lis Key, of IAR, told The Dodo. "The future of orangutan populations will never be secure without the involvement and commitment of the palm oil industry to protecting sufficient habitat for them to survive and to thrive. We can only hope that the impact of the fires in Indonesia will act as a wake up call to those responsible for allowing such devastation and they will take determined action to prevent it from happening again."

While some people are willing to do anything for a profit, others - thankfully - are willing to do anything for the voiceless.

"[S]o heroic!" one commenter observed on Facebook. "One man is carrying the orangutan, and the other shielding his/her face from the rain - such compassion!"

Learn how you can help here.

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