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11 Animals Pulling Off Hairstyles We Never Could

<p><a class="checked-link" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/tambako/15188357772/sizes/m/" style="text-decoration: none;">Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr/CC 2.0</a></p>

In the immortal words of RuPaul: "With hair, heels and attitude, honey, I am through the roof." Note that hair comes first.

Some of the following animals, to be sure, have feathers or scales instead of hair or fur - but any way they grow it, honey, their 'dos are through the roof.

1. "Why, yes!" trumpets the northern royal flycatcher. "I am both royal and glamorous."

(rgibbo3/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

2. To do an amazing impression of the Elizabethan aristocracy, the only thing the black-and-white ruffed lemur needs is hair.

(Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

3. Sycamore moth caterpillars are the Dennis Rodmans of the larval world.

(Peter Zoon/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

4. The hedgehog knows one big thing, and that is how to wear a close, spiky cut with confidence.

(Claus Rebler/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

5. The California quail is a rebel without a comb.

(Sid Mosdell/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

6. Among orangutans, bowl cuts and goatees have never gone out of style.

(belgianchocolate/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

7. Can you not see the majesty of the fjords reflected in the locks of the Icelandic horse?

(cfaobam/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

8. The intensity of this white raccoon dog's pouf is matched only by his piercing blue gaze.

(Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr/CC 2.0)

9. The striated frogfish never saw a coiffure she didn't like.

(prilfish/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

10. This marmoset's hair gives off a charming Doc Brown vibe.

(Leszek.Leszczynski/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

11. Behold the beauty of this jumping spider's furry coat with as many eyes as you can.

(Sam Droege/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)