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Animals Saved From Fire Are Outfitted With The Tiniest Bandages

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In the wake of disaster, animals need heroes, too.

A bushfire that destroyed the Australian town of Yarloop last week has also left dozens of animal victims in its wake. After the blaze was partially contained, farmers, vets and rescuers headed into the fire zone to assist distressed wildlife and lost pets.

The nearby Waroona Veterinary Clinic has taken in both wild and domestic animals since the disaster - chickens, cats, possums, horses, kangaroos and an alpaca, to name a few. Most of the animals suffer from burns ranging from mild to severe, but many are expected to make full recoveries.

Several patients have even been outfitted with tiny, colorful bandages to expedite the healing process.

Waroona has received an influx of feed and supplies from other animal hospitals as well as neighboring community members. "The donation pile is growing as fast as it goes out," the clinic posted.

And as if that wasn't enough generosity, the clinic is offering all fire-related treatment free of charge.

Heroes indeed.

The clinic plans to announce any further need for donations on its Facebook page.