Big Cat Circus Forced Out Of Town By Animal Lovers

The only lion trainer left in Britain may want to consider a new line of work.

This week, Thomas Chipperfield's controversial traveling circus, dubbed An Evening With Lions and Tigers, was forced to cancel its upcoming show in the town of Porthcawl, Wales, after receiving an outpouring of opposition from animal lovers.

The effort was spearheaded by Parliament Member Christina Rees and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who urged the public to speak out against the show in which two lions and three tigers are forced to perform tricks for entertainment.

"We believe there's no place in modern society for circuses that force wild animals to perform for the amusement of people. We want to see an end to the use of wild animals in circuses in Wales," the RSCPA wrote online. "The complex needs of wild animals cannot be adequately met in a circus environment."

In an interview with Wales Online, one of the circus's directors, Anthony Beckwith, expressed his disappointment that the show would not, in fact, go on - placing the blame on people caring too much about the big cats used in the performances:

"Animal rights protestors believe animals have equal rights to humans, but that's just really bizarre and extreme."

Despite those remarks, it's increasingly apparent that animal circus operators are the ones out of touch. More than 40 countries have enacted nationwide or local bans on circuses that use animals.

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