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They Thought She Was Angry To Be In A Shelter. Then They Took Her Home.

Never judge a cat by her scowl - especially not Pearl's.


This week, Will Highsmith and his girlfriend decided to welcome a cat into their lives, but they didn't want just any cat. Knowing the importance of adoption when it comes to saving lives, they visited their local animal shelter with the intent of rescuing the cat who seemed the least likely to catch another adopter's eye.

"I wanted to make sure we got an older animal, one who looked like she really needed to go to a home," Highsmith told The Dodo. "That's why we chose Pearl. She's 6 years old and had been there for a while, and she really needed a place. We noticed her appearance, and how angry her face was. She just looked so miserable."


Sure enough, Highsmith and his girlfriend adopted that apparently displeased kitty and brought her home. They were expecting her evil grimace to ease once in the comfort of her new place. They were wrong.

"If someone had to draw a comic of a cat who was angry to be at a shelter, this was it," said Highsmith. "But once we got her settled, I thought 'she hasn't changed.' She's just an angry-looking cat."


Despite her I-might-murder-you-in-your-sleep facial expression, Pearl has proven to be one of the nicest, most affectionate cats Highsmith or his girlfriend has ever met. Even though she's been a part of their lives for just a few days now, it's almost like she's loved them all her life.

"She's really sweet and cuddly, constantly rubbing up against everyone," he said. "She's constantly following us around the house wanting to be petted."


Beyond just her new parents, Pearl's permanently angry face has begun winning fans among strangers online as well. Highsmith has even launched a Facebook page and an Instagram account dedicated to the unexpectedly easygoing cat. He hopes that her story will convince others to consider adopting older cats who might seem a bit downtrodden.

After all, even though Pearl's appearance hasn't changed, her life has been transformed beyond all recognition.


To learn about adopting an older cat, visit your local animal shelter.