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Magnificent Tiger Storms Back Into The Wild

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He'd strayed from the wild and found himself lost in the human world.

Caught scrounging around in Russia's Khabarovsky province, Uporny, a 3-year-old Amur tiger, was given a second chance. Instead of bringing him into captivity, the Russian government decided to rerelease Uporny – which means "stubborn" in Russian - back into the wild where he belonged.

Amur tigers are rare - Uporny is one of only 450 left in the world. After getting him a veterinary examination and a tracking device, rescuers chose a site near Anyuisky National Park for Uporny's release.

Rescuers stood back and watched from a distance as the enclosure opened.

The tiger jolted awake, glanced at his surroundings and bolted into the wild.

A female Amur tiger is believed to live nearby, and could become a mate for Uporny in his new life.


Seeing the tiger return to the wild is truly a stunning sight.

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