Senior Dog Howls With Joy When He Runs Into His Old Friend On The Street

“Romeo sometimes plays it cool. This time was different."

Errol’s family adopted him from a local rescue when he was just a tiny puppy and have been loving life with him ever since. He’s had a lot of adventures since then, and one of his favorites is playing with his friends — especially Romeo.

Jenna Schwartz

Romeo is another dog who lives in Errol’s neighborhood. They met in 2015 when Errol’s mom started watching Romeo sometimes while his parents were at work, and the pair became fast friends.

“Whereas Errol loves all other dogs, Romeo can be a bit picky, so I’ve always loved that Romeo decided to be Errol’s friend,” Jenna Schwartz, Errol’s mom, told The Dodo.

Jenna Schwartz

Now that both Errol and Romeo are much older, they don’t play as much as they used to. They still see each other in the neighborhood from time to time, whenever their walk schedules line up. Recently, though, Errol had surgery, and the pair didn’t see each other for at least six weeks.

Jenna Schwartz

One afternoon, when Errol was out for a walk in his wagon, the pair finally spotted each other again from a distance, and their excitement was immediate. Errol hadn’t seen any of his friends in a while due to his recovery, and the fact that his first friend sighting was Romeo made everything extra wonderful.

“Part of what made that reunion so special is how excited Romeo was to see Errol,” Schwartz said. “Errol is always excited to see his friends, but Romeo sometimes plays it cool. This time was different — they were both clearly very excited to see each other, and it was so heartwarming.”

Everyone watching couldn’t get over how sweet the reunion was, so Errol’s mom decided to post it online for everyone to see.

“People have mentioned how great it is to see two old friends reunite,” Schwartz said. “I think the video is a great reminder that it’s never too late to rekindle an old friendship. I’m sure everyone has a friend that you might not see very often, but every time you do, it’s like you were never apart. Friendships like that are so special, and not just exclusive to humans.”

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