Man Sees Stray Dog Carrying Bowl Of Food And Decides To Follow Her

She was on the sweetest mission ❤

Often, glimpses of stray dogs are just fleeting glimpses — saddening snapshots of the hardship, struggle and misery of life on the streets.

Looking a little longer, though, animal rescuer Yusuf Kılıçsarı found love. Pure love.

Yusuf Kılıçsarı

Late last month, Kılıçsarı, who lives in Turkey, posted video of an encounter he'd had with one such stray spotted walking down a street. As Kılıçsarı neared the animal in his car, it could be seen that she was carrying a plastic bowl of food in her mouth.

This dog was clearly on a mission, and Kılıçsarı decided to follow her.

Over the next couple of minutes, the clip shows Kılıçsarı being led down streets, past a construction zone and through a junkyard — where the adorable objective of her mission was revealed.

Here's that clip in its entirety:

Under the stray dog's care were four young puppies — all appearing to be healthy and plump, no doubt thanks to actions like the one Kılıçsarı just witnessed.

"This is motherhood," he wrote.

Yusuf Kılıçsarı

The Dodo was unable to reach Kılıçsarı for comment or to discover what happened next. It is possible, perhaps, that Kılıçsarı gave the bowl to the dog himself in order to find and get help for her and her family. We will update this post once we learn more.

This scene, nevertheless, is a hopeful one — a true testament to a mother's love, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

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