Kind Dog Finds A Trapped Bird And Saves Her Life

"I was stunned."

Meet Gus — a gentle dog always willing to lend a hand to someone in need.

Gus, a Labrador-Pyrenees mix, and his dog siblings love to play outside. So when the weather is nice, the adopted dog's family leaves the door to their screened porch open. This way Gus and his pals can go in and out of the yard as they please. 

Gus the dog and his brother Jed in Connecticut
Gus (left) and his brother Jed (right) | Jennifer Ahlberg

Unfortunately, this means other animals can go in and out of the porch, too. Curious birds are often attracted to the reflection in the glass windows and fly inside.

“Over the years, we've had several birds get trapped on the porch,” Jennifer Ahlberg, Gus’ mom, wrote on YouTube. “Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

Gus knows that these birds are not toys — they are animals in need of help. Thanks to his “soft mouth,” a special retriever trait, he’s able to carry a bird without biting into her.

YouTube/Jennifer Ahlberg

"The first time a bird was trapped on the porch, I didn't see the bird until I had already let Gus out and he grabbed the bird before I could stop him and went outside with it," Ahlberg told The Dodo. "I followed him out thinking I could get him to drop the bird and possibly save it. When he gently placed the bird on the ground and it flew away unharmed, I was stunned."

Last week, Gus’ mom caught his act of kindness on camera. 

Gus wandered into the porch only to find a bird trying to get out. When the bird saw Gus, she became even more scared, hurling herself against the porch windows.

YouTube/Jennifer Ahlberg

Luckily, Gus knew just what to do: “Since this has happened several times over the years, always with the same result, I now just let him out to rescue a bird rather than trying to catch it myself," Ahlberg said. "Gus is much quicker and more gentle than I am."

As soon as Gus placed the bird on the ground outside, she took flight, giving a little cheep of gratitude on her way.

You can watch the sweet moment here:

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