America's First Cat Café Opens Today (Thankfully There Are Already Pictures)

America's first-ever cat cafe opened in New York City on April 24, but even before visitors were allowed inside the four-day pop-up shop, it was set to be a success. Sponsored by Purina ONE and the North Shore Animal League, the cafe is modeled on similar hotspots in Japan and now Europe, where patrons can sip "cat'achinos" and learn about feline health. But that's not all: the cats at the NYC cat cafe are currently in North Shore's care and looking for a new home. Patrons can learn more about how to adopt one -- in addition to how best to care for a cat if they do take one home -- by visiting the shop.

"We hope our Cat Café is ONE small step toward a greater focus on cat health," said Purina ONE brand manager Brian Williams. "Our goal for the Cat Café is to create a rich, interactive environment that empowers cat owners to learn more about their cat's health and nutritional needs ... Stop by, we'll save you a seat."