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All The Best Rappers Love Animals And Want You To Raise Your Hands In The Air, Chant F*ck SeaWorld


Three's a trend, right? Here's a round-up of three musicians making music in the name of animal welfare.

1. Rapper Sir Michael Rocks dropped a Blackfish-inspired track "Fuck SeaWorld," in which he rallies against animal captivity and the marine park specifically. In the video he's shown rapping in front of blood red waters occupied by a performing orca and imploring people to empty the tanks.

2. Rapper IFeel started a campaign to expand his next album which he describes as tackling "how we collectively grew so detached from nature ... it became too easy to not view animals as sentient beings – but rather as objects. I want to make their emotions and experiences visible by giving them a voice." As if that's not sweet enough, donate to his campaign and he'll cook you a vegan meal.

3. Longtime vegan and animal rights-supporter Morrissey talked to PETA about his latest animal rights anthem "The Bullfighter Dies":

"The Bullfighter Dies" is a shout-out for the total abolition of the living horror of bullfighting and since those who control such barbarity have no interest in the welfare of the bull, then we can only approach the subject by stressing how the overwhelming majority do not have any sympathy when the bullfight does not go the bullfighter's way.

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SeaWorld and marine parks profit off keeping orcas and other marine animals in captivity -- despite evidence that captivity not only induces unnatural behaviors in whales, but also endangers trainers. Join us in pledging never to visit SeaWorld or other marine parks until they empty their orca tanks.