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Afrikaans Rhino Poaching Film "1st of its kind!"

A sad start - 1020 rhino poached in SA so far this year!

On this #RhinoFriday, the "STROOP" team chatted with our friends at 'Africa, This Is Why I Live Here'. Please feel free in sharing this post with your friends, we truly thank you for your support.

"This week we interview well known TV personality Bonné de Bod about a South African movie production called ‘‘STROOP'' which is touted to be a no holds barred look at the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. Directed by 3x SAFTA winner Susan Scott, the documentary is due for release in 2015.

Television personality, Bonné de Bod, has been telling stories about rhinos and the poaching crisis for the past four years on the local wildlife television programme, 50|50. She has been lucky enough to see firsthand what the rangers, forensic experts, government ministers, orphan rehabilitators, fundraisers, the military, NGOs and countless other South Africans are doing in the crisis.

Hi Bonné...

Q . Why is this movie important to produce ?

A. That's a very important question...we will look back at this time and wonder if this was the turning point and what was being done to stop the slow eradication of our rhinos in the wild. And probably ask ourselves, did we in fact do enough? This has to be documented for the future.

Q. The movie "STROOP" ( ‘'Poached'' in English ) is mostly in Afrikaans with English subtitle -would it not have greater reach if it were in English ?

A. Well we are not really sure about that, a lot of English speaking South Africans watch subtitled films. We are also looking at translating the film after it is released into several vernacular languages, so we do feel that there will be great reach. And then of course I'm Afrikaans! I think in my language, pray in my language and I get angry in my language, so why wouldn't I tell a personal journey of discovery in my language? I wonder why language has to play a role when we are losing a species.

Watch this clip where I explain more:

Why is 'STROOP die film' in Afrikaans? Watch Bonné explain...

Q. What has shocked or surprised you the most about this rhino crisis ?

A. For me the most shocking thing is the infighting that is happening among all the groups who are saving rhinos. We are just wasting so much time arguing and it's become so political...it's a mess. And I know for Susan it's the corruption. Just last week a highly placed source blew us away with just how deep and rife the corruption is.

Q. Will STROOP be distributed to our Eastern TV stations?

A. By Eastern I'm assuming you are referring to Asian TV stations. Yes, we are in talks with international distributors...watch this space!

Q. Besides movie theaters, where else will STROOP be screened ?

A. KYKnet has shown interest in coming on board as our media partner, which means multiple screenings in primetime. And of course the film will be available as a digital download and DVDs.

Q. Will STROOP be made available to purchase as a DVD ?

A. ABSOLUTELY! You can pre-order yours today and actually help fund the filming of ‘STROOP'. We are filming now and still need to get to important rhino locations...have a look on our campaign page to place your order:


Q. What, in your opinion, can and should our authorities do to turn this around ?

A. There's obviously lots they should be doing, but what we have found out... is that there is so much going on that we, the public, aren't aware of. And that I think needs to be made public. We are in talks with the Dept of Environment and SANParks to hopefully make that happen with ‘STROOP'. But, we have made it very clear to them that this will not be PR piece for government. I need to find out what is actually happening on the ground and why the slaughter is continuing unabated.

Q. Are we going to win this war ?

A. When I interviewed Major-General Johan Jooste, the man in charge of anti- poaching at Kruger, I asked him this exact question and his answer was: "We are not winning this war yet, but we will." That gives me hope...

Q. When is the movie due to be released ?

A. We are hoping to release this film around the country mid 2015.

Q. How can we, the general public get involved or help with this project ?

A. It is wonderful that you share this campaign via social media, but the biggest impact you can have is to help make this film and prove that sometimes, hard hitting films are supported by the public.

- If this is a film that you would come to see at the movie theaters, please pledge your support for as little as R10. There are additional perks which are things like buying the DVD before the film is made, ‘STROOP' t-shirts, "A visit on shoot", tickets to the movie premiere and this helps us make the film with the funds upfront.

- The Thundafund campaign is one way we're safely raising funds for our film on the web, ( https://www.thundafund.com/stroop ) but many of you have said you would prefer to make a direct deposit into the film's bank account.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are those details: STROOP DIE FILM FNB Cheque Account 62482144624 / Branch Code 254605 ..... These funds go directly towards making the film, thank-you for making 'STROOP' with us.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q, Finally, is there anything else you would like us to know ?

A. Well, I can't believe how this project has completely sucked us in...We are so invested in it, not only emotionally but financially as well. Both Susan and I have used our personal savings, taken huge pay cuts and have even moved in with our mothers!

In addition, we have been amazed by the worldwide support shown for the film. We call them our "silent angels". From Mark Boucher messaging to check up on our filming, to Karen Trendler going out of her way to get us connected to people with stories (when she's clearly got her hands full with rhino orphans), to Paul Tully in England who's come on board to help us with our social media campaign, to Liryn de Jager in Cape Town who volunteered her time to the film as a production manager for three months before we even had rand in the bank account.

This is a passion project for all of us and there is no way that we will not see this through right to the end.

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