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Anti - poaching aerial patrol

<p> Keith Hellyer </p>

Taken on the morning of 1st September 2015.
There are days when our hearts are wrenched with grief and giving in to despair becomes the easier thing to do, then there are bad days and not so okay days.

Then there are really awesome days that fill our hearts with delight, and we can't help but do silly elephant dances, days like today, days like this, when elephants roam free and wild on the red sands of Tsavo, this is our pride, joy, our inspiration and motivation not only to save this amazing species that grace our majestic earth, but also to restore them to their numbers that they once were and to ensure safe, wild and healthy environments that they can successfully thrive in.

While we celebrate this gathering of giants, it is important to note it is now the dry season in Tsavo Conservation Area, and they are probably grouping due to stress. Still, what a sight to see! We hope and fight for these elephants to regain their majestic strength in numbers, so we can enjoy their grandeur once more...

Aerial patrols go hand in hand with foot patrols, they assist in identifying potential poacher hideouts, injured animals and illegal logging, this allows for rapid response by boots on the ground. Keith's work is invaluable to wildlife protection as he detects things ground teams cannot. Find below ways in which you can help him stay up in the skies to watch over these precious herds...

Do support the efforts of Wildlife Works and Ulinzi Africa Foundation so we can forever have free, wild, elephants roaming on the vast plains of Africa.

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Photo credits: Keith Hellyer - taken on 1.09.2015 morning on his daily aerial patrols in the Tsavo Conservation Area.

^Fazeela Mubarak, Walk With Rangers Participant 2014 - 2015