Adorable Fox Kits Stumped By Plastic Slide, Gravity

Writer's note: this next video comes to us short on context. We don't know where (or when) it was recorded and we can't say if the kits are wild or in the care of humans. We do know that it's plenty adorable and they seem to be enjoying themselves. What follows below, then, is an imagined exchange between the two!

"This looks easy. Let's scramble to the top, I bet we'll find snacks up there. From this towering vantage, we will lord over the green valley below."

"No, seriously, I got this. I just need more of a head start."

"Hey friend, can you give me a boost? Together we shall overcome."

"Actually, what you're doing isn't helping. In any way. At all. Let's experiment with a different approach, from the side."

"Okay, now you're just being a jerk. Thanks, thanks for nothin'."

"Hey, I think I just saw something float by. Let's go check that out!"

Is this the death of the American work ethic? A broken and fleeting parable about overcoming adversity? A cruel reminder that life isn't fair and that it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock & roll)? I don't pretend to have the answers, but my emoticon friend does.


Decide for yourself after you watch the full clip below!

click to play video

Travis Greenwood is a Portland-based writer and editor. His work has appeared at Spin, BuzzFeed, The Pet Collective, and more. Follow his tweets at @LesSavyTrav.