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21 Foster Fails Who Wound Up Staying Forever

<p><a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/16hkeh/meet_clementine_she_was_supposed_to_be_a_foster/">Reddit/theartfulrambler</a><span></span></p>

For those not in the know, a "foster fail" is what happens when a dog or cat who was only supposed to be a temporary foster is so lovable that his humans just can't say goodbye, and he winds up becoming part of the family.

So basically it's like the best kind of fail.

1. "We definitely didn't need 3 cats but ... just look at him."

2. "We took her in to let her gain some weight and to find a foster for her. We can't give her up anymore. She is now ours."

3. "Our foster fail, Waldo. He looks noble but he's the biggest goofball I've ever met."

4."My foster fail Brianna. She made herself right at home from the minute she arrived."

5. "I love my #FosterFail Cooper. He's my constant companion. My best buddy. My clown."

6. "Lizzie has been adopted by her foster family (we call that a good #fosterfail)"

7. "We picked her up as a foster. By the time we got home, we were already foster-failures."

8. "My former foster kitten is now my Frida, stealer of hearts."

9. "She was our foster but we couldn't let her go, so we adopted her."

10. "Our foster puppy, Dill, is fitting in so well we've decided to keep her!"

11. "I am a foster failure."

12. "Looks like my foster kitten is here to stay ... "

13. "I was just going to foster her until someone adopted her but, I couldn't resist her and ended up adopting her myself."

14. "Meet Clementine. She was supposed to be a foster, but I couldn't bear to be without her."

15. "My foster baby has brought me so much joy! I'm adopting him in a couple of days."

16. "Introducing Cheddar - foster kitten that I had to keep."

17. "I'm now a foster failure, wave hello to my special needs dog, Cashew."

18. "I'm a foster failure, these are 2 keepers."

19. "Thought it would be rewarding to foster kittens who needed homes...we were unsuccessful (or incredibly successful) and adopted this guy from our first batch. Can you blame us?"

20. "I'm either the worst or the best foster mom. I just couldn't part with this sweet boy, so I adopted Fred. I lovingly call him my foster failure."

21. "Daenerys, our new pit puppy, made my gf and I failed fosters."

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