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Activists continue to fight the Scottish seal culls

<p> Photo from Jessie Treverton - Sea Shepherd volunteer </p>

Animal rights activists found the body of a dead seal, believed to have been shot, at Crovie in Scotland on Wednesday afternoon.

Sea Shepherd volunteers found the seal floating in the water with gunshot wounds.

The Scottish Wild Salmon Company (USAN) is licensed to cull a certain amount of seals each year however, many people are opposed to the killings.

Sea Shepherd have been watching the Scottish coastlines since the culls began, protecting the seals and watching for any illegal hunting.

There have been previous cases where Sea Shepherd volunteers have supposedly been harassed by marksmen.

USAN should have picked up the dead seal however, it was left in view of the public and tourists visiting the beach.

The campaigners will continue to monitor the situation in Scotland and have been posting live updates of what they are seeing on their Facebook page.

Photo from Jessie Treverton - Sea Shepherd volunteer