Pit Bull Found 'Hogtied' And Left To Die Is Still A Sweet Lovebug

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This sweet little pit bull has been through more pain and suffering than any animal should have to experience - but thanks to her rescuers, she was brought back from the brink of death and now she's headed for a brighter future.

The little gray pitty, whom rescuers have named Baby Girl, was found in a Pennsylvania gated community last week - "hogtied," with her swollen paws taped together, and left in a ditch.


Rescuers at the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM), where Baby Girl was taken, told local outlet WYOU that this was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse they'd ever seen.

But despite what she's been through, Baby Girl still just wants to be close to people. "She's still loving, she kissed us!" a rescuer told WYOU.


Baby Girl is suffering from a fairly extreme case of mange, which has caused her tender paws to swell, and she's malnourished and sick. The little pit bull is only about 4 years old, and shelter workers guess it may be another year before she fully recovers from the abuse she's suffered.

Local police are trying to find the cruel humans who left Baby Girl tied up. They probably never expected she would make it out alive - but hopefully her abusers will face the consequences for their actions.


As for Baby Girl, she's in loving hands now and getting the care she needs. AWSOM's Facebook page has been flooded with messages from well-wishers offering her love and support. Some day, one of her fans may be able to give Baby Girl the safe forever home she needs. Until then, though, it will be a long road to recovery.