Dog Whose Mouth Was Taped Shut Refuses To Be Silenced

<p> Charleston Animal Society </p>
<p> Charleston Animal Society </p>

It seems that everyone has been following the story of Caitlyn, the Staffordshire terrier pup who was found with her mouth taped shut. Now that her abuser has been arrested, Caitlyn can truly focus on her recovery.

Caitlyn has undergone multiple surgeries, and after a lot of work, surgeons at Veterinary Specialty Care - SC were able to reconstruct her muzzle. Caitlyn still has a long road to recovery, but the veterinarians and volunteers caring for her are doing a fantastic job to ensure that she's as happy and comfortable as possible during this time.

Charleston Animal Society

While the story of Caitlyn is tragic and heartbreaking, everyone involved wants to stress that Caitlyn is not the only dog in need. The Charleston Animal Society has started the movement #IamCaitlyn, to remind everyone that Caitlyn stands for every abandoned dog in shelters, and is using the hashtag in posts about dogs of all types who need forever homes. The CAS posted "‪#‎Caitlyn‬ is going to be the face of change for the plight of animals in our community, state, and the world! ‪#‎IamCaitlyn‬."

The Charleston Animal Society posted a video of Caitlyn eating, and while this is still difficult for her, she handles it like a champ.

Caitlyn is regaining her strength every day, and you can see how eager she is to recover and live her life. This dog is proving every day - to those who work with her and to the world - that she is the definition of a survivor. Hopefully this pup's story will remind everyone that there are many animals in need out there.

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