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Cat Who Was Held Hostage Loves Being Back Where He Belongs

This cat knew that, no matter what, if he ever wanted to feel safe and loved again, he would just need to make it home, far, far away from his abuser.

Two weeks ago, in San Jose, California, Corissa Hulick's cat, Banks, didn't come home that night. Hulick didn't find this strange, given that the 2-year-old is an indoor/outdoor cat, a local ABC news affiliate reported. What she didn't expect was to find her cat nearly incapable of walking upon his return a day later.

Reportedly, someone had taken Banks hostage. They broke his jaw and punctured his tail. Currently, he has to eat through a feeding tube. He also has a hematoma in his chest - a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel. A vet caring for Banks posited the theory that he was possibly beaten with a baseball bat.

Someone took this cat, prevented him from coming home and harmed him. But what makes his story incredible is the fact that, despite the pain and difficulty he experienced, he knew his best chance of healing would come by returning to his family.

"He's someone's cat," Hulick told ABC. "I don't understand how someone can do this to a person's animal." An investigation is currently underway to find the suspect or suspects responsible for abusing Banks.

Banks is now in recovery and it's all thanks to his admirable perseverance while facing the worst.