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Puppy Who Survived Flood Found Wandering The Streets Alone

Rescuers with Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project were on a drive in Houston, Texas, after a flood had wreaked havoc on the neighborhood when they came across a tiny puppy, running through the streets all alone.

The fifth ward is an area of Houston where many stray and abandoned dogs live, and countless litters of puppies are born there every year.

When rescuers with Forgotten Dogs, aided by the World Animal Awareness Society, first approached the small pup, she hesitated to come forward ...

... and observed this new group of people warily.

When she saw they were offering her food, she slowly came closer ...

... and finally allowed herself to be picked up.

Once rescuers had secured the puppy, they were able to more carefully estimate her age: She was only around 5 or 6 months old.

During her freedom ride, the puppy, later named Pumpkin Pie, seemed incredibly nervous inside the car. She had no idea her final destination would be a new foster home, the first step toward her new life.

Pumpkin Pie was so loving and sweet, it didn't take long before someone became interested in adopting her. She did a trial sleepover night in her potential new home ...

... and shortly after, she was officially adopted!

Check out the full video of Pumpkin Pie's rescue:

And her freedom ride: