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A Romanian dog shelter has a own mobile app!

<p> Sava's Safe Haven </p>

Sava's Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare in Romania.
Sava's Safe Haven was founded in 2012 by animal lover Oana Sava, who was determined to end the suffering of stray animals from the streets of Romania. Based in Galati, in the south-east region of the country, this family-run registered charity has built its own shelter where they care for over 230 dogs, as well as numerous cats and birds.
In just about 3 years after starting this shelter, Sava's Safe Haven has managed to maintain a balance between maintaining high standards shelter and compliance with all laws for animal welfare but also in saving many souls through "rescue, care and adoption" .

Sava's Refuge(c) Sava's Safe Haven

Sava's Refuge | (c) Sava's Safe Haven

Recently Sava's Safe Haven has released a mobile app and is available to download!If you have an Android or iOS device, go to your Apps Store/ Google Play and download the app TODAY!
It's the first app created and distributed worldwide for a Romanian refuge in order to support its work through promoting and also the money collected from each download will support to feed animals that are living in refuge now.
See news about stray dogs, updates from shelter and many many other useful tools for phone including scanner, weather etc!

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

"I love my work and I love to excel in everything I do. I received an email regarding a mobile app and this email gave me the idea to create this app for Sava's Safe Haven . After I decided that I will create an app for my family's shelter, I started to work.
I searched on many websites and saw many tutorials about how to make an app, I paid the relevant fees, and in two days, Sava's Safe Haven mobile app was available on the Google store.
I am proud of results "
Alexandra Sava, the creator

Sava's Safe Haven is always looking to improve its facilities and standard of living for the dogs in its care, but they can only continue its vital work with the help rom animal lovers worldwide.
As its motto state, 'With love and care, rescued dogs can wag their tail again. This is our work, to change their lives.'
Sava's Safe Haven refuge is run by a non-profit organization its totally reliant upon private donations.
If you would like to make a donation or are interested in adopting a dog or becoming a fosterer please email info@savasafehaven.com or visit www.savasafehaven.com