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A Little Light in The Darkness

- Whilst orca lovers everywhere mourn for Unna tonight (a captive orca who has tragically died at SeaWorld San Antonio) there is a light in the darkness.

A VICTORY in Russia!! The TINRO centre which is heavily involved in the trade of wild caught cetaceans and currently holds freshly caught cetaceans captive prior to their sale, has been fined 140 000 rubles!

They're being prosecuted due to violations in their activities. TINRO have been capturing cetaceans under the guise of 'research' when in reality the freshly caught cetaceans are simply being held there until a buyer(marine park) can be found. This is in violation of Russian laws which state that: all aquatic biological resources caught for scientific purposes must be released after the research is done.

They've reportedly been ordered to release the marine mammals in their habitat! This could mean the belugas AND ORCAS held there will be released back into the wild instead of being sold to marine parks as they were originally destined to be. They're currently holding an unknown number of belugas and at least 3 orcas calves. Hopefully TINRO will be forced to cease all future activities.
This is a huge blow to the captivity industry and the exploitation of Russia's cetaceans! #captivitykills #captured #cruelty #kidnapped #dontbuyaticket #freeallorcas Caption by @moskvarium_awareness Instagram