How One Pomeranian and A Baby Became Adorably Photogenic Besties

In the spirit of taking a break from Dog Shaming (though who am I kidding, it is epically entertaining), let's take a look at what having a fur baby can do for your, well, other babies and how one special relationship came to life.

Meet Toy Pomeranian Louie (named after Louis Vuitton). He was born in New York City and spent his early years spending the weekends brunching and galavanting through Central Park. After trading in his Manhattan lifestyle for the greener, more spacious pastures of Atlanta, his mom decided to give birth to a tiny human, Cade Henry.

Louie did his best to get excited about the forthcoming addition, but it wasn't until the baby boy arrived that he knew his life had changed for the better. The moment his new friend arrived at home for the first time, Louie was smitten and realized those nine long months were worth the wait. He instantly embraced his inner guard dog.

Burping the baby? That warranted a bark or ten. Anyone besides mom or dad holding the little one? Not without Louie's careful (and thisclose) supervision.

Now he spends all of his time giving kisses to, protecting and playing with his little brother.

While the accidental fur pulling has started (and the future attempts to ride Louie like a horse are inevitable), he wouldn't trade his new best friend for any treat out there (the feeling is mutual).

And you certainly won't find a baby selfie without Louie in it.

So when considering getting a pet for your family, know the risks, but don't forget the rewards that come along with it. Any child would be lucky to grow up with a built-in canine bestie.

No bones about it.