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Let These 9 Snow Bunnies Explain Why Snow Days Are The Best Days


When you're bundled up in layers and your face is freezing, it can be difficult to appreciate the winter weather. But these bunnies will show you what's so great about the snowy season.

1. It's great for rabbit hide-and-seek.


Sox loves digging paths for himself through the snow.


2. Snow just feels amazing. C'mon, give it a go.

(YouTube/Franklin van Velthuizen)

This adorable black rabbit loves the feel (and taste!) of snow.

3. It's perfect for jumping around in ...


Pickles sure hasn't soured on the cold white powder!


4. ... and for sculpting.


Bugs the bunny has an eye for this sort of thing.

5. Hopping is a lot of fun with just a little snow.

(YouTube/Fran van Es)

All you need is loads of enthusiasm! Binkie also likes to take a nibble here and there.

(YouTube/Fran van Es)

6. Plus, snow is super tasty.


Why not get your snow cone straight from the source?

7. And you can give yourself a snow mustache.


Lily's technique is to get right into the snow, face first.


8. Or, you know, a snow goatee.


Elvis is rocking a wintry look while he and his pal Snow White hop around their little bunny snow roads.


9. The possibilities are endless!


Not much is more satisfying than being the first one to put your paw prints in pristine snow. Bunny the rabbit understands. Now, go enjoy your snow day!