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9 Dogs Who Know Fetch Is Not A Game. It's An Art.

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Almost everyone who owns a dog knows that the idea of fetch can excite a pup even more than the possibility of treats. Dogs dig fetching due to their natural instincts - plus it's a fun way to pass the time! Fetch is basically the dog equivalent of playing on a playground.

These particular pups, however, have figured out some unique ways to spice up the generic toss-and-fetch routine:

1. This corgi who won't fetch anything without his blankie.

(YouTube: ItazuraYuki)

2. This Jack Russell who's figured out that humans are totally irrelevant to the fetching experience.

(YouTube: Mark Watts-Jones)

3. This challenge-loving dog who prefers to fetch cats.

(YouTube: gumbootiner)

4. This group of bipedal dogs who are using their wheels to become speedy retrievers.

(YouTube: Gritta Goetz)

5. This pup who wants to teach this baby about the most important things in life (i.e., tennis balls).

(YouTube: Judith Roberts)

6. This prancing Dachshund who prefers to let a machine do the hard work.

(YouTube: Daks9977)

7. This bloodhound who ups the ante by fetching tires.

(YouTube: Dale Ratliff)

8. This aquatically-inclined Rottweiler.

(YouTube: deangos)

9. And this dog who's just like "No."

(YouTube: ViralComedyy)

Editor's note: When playing fetch with your dog, try to avoid using sticks, as they can be potentially hazardous for dogs!