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9 Dogs And Babies Who Are Having Important Conversations

<p>Reddit: banpeiSF</p>

1. This baby is trying to let her bulldog friend know in the nicest way possible that he's simply let himself go.

(YouTube: Petsami)

2. This little boy is determined to get his Chow Chow pal to open up about her feelings.

(YouTube: littleprincesscoco)

3. This pair is comparing notes on where to hide the best toys (hint: it's the backyard). (YouTube: megadesn)

4. These friends are bemoaning the lack of positive role models in popular media.

(YouTube: Funnyplox TV)

5. These little ladies are entertaining one another with hilarious jokes.

(YouTube: Funnyplox TV)

6. This dog is giving this baby legal counsel, and really wishes you would stop interrupting.


7. These two are just making small talk about the weather.

(YouTube: Bella 1882's channel)

8. This pit bull is determined to let this baby know just how much she values their weekly gab sessions.

(YouTube: Ryen Van Grol)

9. And these bros are just trying to hug it out.

(YouTube: Howling with Laughter)

Though dogs and babies together can result in cuteness levels that are off the charts, it is important to always take proper precautions when introducing a child to a dog, and to always supervise kids when they play with dogs.