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8 Puppy Baths To Make Your Day So Fresh 'N So Clean

1. Bath time can be just a bit daunting if you're small ...

(YouTube: The Pet Collective)

2. ... but with a little bit of experience, it can become a delightful treat.

(YouTube: Alejandra554)

3. When bath time gets dull, it's time for a PUPPY ESCAPE (Well, an attempted escape, anyhow.)

(YouTube: The Pet Collective)

4. Baths should always make you feel like pampered royalty ... who maybe happened to roll in some mud.

(YouTube: Jihyo Kim)

5. A shapely bubble mustache means you're doing it right. (Make sure it'spuppy-friendly soap!)

(YouTube: The Pet Collective)

6. If you're on the tiny side, proper bath time supervision is always necessary.

(YouTube: Bratayley)

7. Sometimes a bath can just magically turn into a shower, and that's totally acceptable.

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8. Keep that sneaky bathwater in line and show it who's boss.

(YouTube: Alicia Emmel)

It's alright, pups. You'll truly understand the luxury and refinement of bath time when you're an adult.

(YouTube: sam s)

Well ... maybe not so much.

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