8 Puppies Trying To Figure Out How Stairs Work

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1. Stairs may be bigger than you, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're scary!

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2. Feel free to intimidate those sneaky steps so they don't mess with you.

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3. Slooooow and steady wins the race.

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4. The problem with steps is that there's usually more than one.

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5. Even with an intense amount of enthusiasm ...

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6. ... Sometimes you can get a bit stuck.

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7. Occasionally sneaking up on the stairs can work ... maybe?

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8. There's no shame in asking a buddy to come with you for moral support.

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Don't worry, pups - you'll get the hang of those tricky stairwells before you know it!

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Remember: If your dog is uneasy about going up or down steps, or is still learning how to navigate the stairs, always make sure they are properly supervised around stairwells.