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8 Puppies Learning How To Howl

<p>Reddit: Damnstag18</p>

Howling is a long and noble tradition for dogs, going all the way back to their distant relative: the wolf. Wild wolves would howl as a form of GPS, and could locate other members of their pack through long, loud calls. Though domestic pups of today don't really have a need for these sorts of calls, they'll occasionally revert to their age-old customs and show off some of their impressive vocalizations - especially when they hear a sound that seems to mimic the howls of a wolf pack.

Here are some savvy little puppies who are already learning how to sound like big, tough wolves!

1. If you have a plethora of voluptuous wrinkles, it's easy to ensure all eyes are on you.

(YouTube: The Pet Collective)

2. What do you mean, an intimidating hunting dog doesn't sound like this?

(YouTube: Ginny Green)

3. Sometimes howling can be a bit scary at first, so it helps if you've got a pal to show you the ropes.

(YouTube: patkandiurin)

4. It's okay to howl at your toys to make sure they stay in line and don't try any funny stuff.

(YouTube: Preethi Anup)

5. At the end of a long day of playing, sometimes you just have to sit back and let out a mighty howl.

(YouTube: AirbudPF)

6. Howling can be a group activity, if done correctly!

(YouTube: The Kaimaniac)

7. The backyard can be big and daunting, so feel free to howl and show it who's boss.

(YouTube: moosenernie)

8. Most importantly, the best howls can often occur when you're not even trying - or awake!

(YouTube: Shibainu Family)