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8 Pet Sibling Rivalries That Are Way More Adorable Than Yours

<p>Flickr: Impatience_1</p>

1. "Harumph! This'll teach you to steal my milk bones."


2. "Let me. Just. Try out on you. This new trick I learned ... Oh yeah, that works. Thanks."


3. "Friends forever?"


4. "That was shocking the first three times. Now it's just getting old."


5. "Really? Are you really that oblivious?"


6. "... Hey, wait, I wasn't finished with the house! Gimme it!"


7. "You. Are. So. Annoying!"


8. "Ugh, Carl, go brush your teeth."


In the end, though, these pairs can't help but make up and cuddle, because that's what siblings are for.