8 Sleepy Squirrels Trying To Get Comfortable In Weird Places

<p>Flickr: iowapipe</p>
<p>Flickr: iowapipe</p>

Many determined animals will make a point to get comfortable in places where they maybe shouldn't -- like that bear who tried to redefine the "power nap." But squirrels, it seems, have a special penchant for finding weird places to lounge and then doing exactly that. Here are a few examples:

This rescued baby squirrel was able to rest on a camera ...

(Paul Williams)

... and inside a mug ...

(Paul Williams)

... and atop a boom mic.

(Paul Williams)

The baby fox squirrels slept for days in a rain gutter.

(Flickr/David Ogden)

This squirrel opted for a different take on an otherwise normal way to sleep.

(Flickr: Nomadic Lass)

It's possible this squirrel got tired in the middle of scavenging from a bird feeder ... or he just decided it would be a nice place to rest.

(Flickr: iowapipe)

Windowsills can provide ample sunlight and a sturdy ledge for naptime.

(Flickr: Jarito)

And, of course, there's always the trusty deck.

(Flickr: David Ashleydale)